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Ladies, rest assured: porn for women is out there, and a lot of it is good! There are a growing number of porn sites for women, all offering the kind of pictorial and visual content that women will enjoy - naked men and couples having sex, but with the focus on HER pleasure. Porn for women offers the female surfer a sexual odyssey that also encompasses respect, and a pro-sex outlook.

In the past, it has been assumed that "women aren't visual" and therefore did not like porn. This idea that women aren't aroused by porn comes from the Kinsey studies in the 50s, when female subjects were asked if they like porn. The majority said no, and thus the idea of women being non-visual became set in stone in popular culture. Unfortunately this view doesn't take into account the fact that women in the 50's rarely had access to porn, and none of it was actually made for them.

The anti-porn feminists have also created the view that all women hate porn, and indeed, have made some women feel guilty that they enjoy sexually explicit material. The rabid anti-porn activist Catherine McKinnon actually suggested that a woman who enjoyed porn had no right to her sexuality.

Thankfully, more and more women are standing up to such ridiculous notions, and asserting their right to enjoy porn as much as men. The difference is that women are demanding that sexually explicit material reflect their experiences.

Thus, you get the growth of porn for women.

A lot of people seem to assume that "porn for women" automatically means naked men (and a lot of misled webmasters also seem to believe that gay naked men or even gay content is "porn for women"). While plenty of women enjoy ogling at naked men, a lot simply prefer hardcore sex. Approximately half the adult video rentals that occur are done by women or couples together. A lot of women see porn as a way of enhancing their relationships and sex lives.

No doubt, though, there's still plenty of dissatisfaction among porn-loving women with what's on offer. So much sexually explicit material caters to what men want, and depicting male fantasies. A lot of the traditions of porn such as the money shot are there because MEN want to see them. Unfortunately, there seems to be an assumption that women's fantasies would be exactly the same.

They're not. As Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden revealed, women's sexual fantasies are many, and varied. Mainstream porn does not touch on these fantasies, or even offer a vaguely realistic depiction of a woman's sexuality.

Enter pornography made for women. No matter what form porn for women takes, it's main objective is to present women's fantasies and sexuality. Women want to see realistic female orgasms, and porn that gives women the respect they deserve. They want to see intimacy, and even romance in with their hardcore sex.

Recent studies and surveys have shown just how much women are enjoying porn. Research by scientists at Stanford Medical University in California in December 2003 found that women become more quickly aroused by porn videos than men. And a survey in September by Nielsen Netratings found that 1 in 3 visitors to porn sites were women - indeed, over 9 million American women looked at porn sites in September alone. Even more interesting is the study by Today's Christian Woman which found that even good church-going women were peeking at the odd bit of porn. Over 34 percent of female respondents to an online survey said they had deliberately gone looking for porn.

No doubt some people would see this as evidence of the crumbling of civilization. Personally I think it is a good thing. It shows that women are becoming more in touch with their sexuality and needs. It also acts as a force for good. With the porn industry finally starting to recognise that many of its customers are women, we will see better, more positive porn emerging.

The future looks rosy for the turned-on woman.

- Grandma Scrotum, January 2004

Update, Dec 2005
Hi all. Porn for women is still going strong! Some quality adult movie companies are created films just for women, and there's more of an attempt within the industry to include women's viewpoints. And For The Girls is over 2 years old and is now the largest and most comprehensive women's erotica site on the net.

Update, June 2010
Wow. This site is kinda old now. But everything I wrote here still applies. Porn for women is still growing and becoming more popular all the time. For The Girls has just celebrated it's 7th birthday, is still going strong.

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